During my school years I remember laughing and chatting during my art classes. I used to doodle Disney characters during my other lessons, but for me art classes were a time to have fun in those days. Not exemplary, but the truth. One day my art teacher took me aside and put me in-front of a cabbage and made me draw. Bang, I loved it and the hour had passed and I had not said a word. When I was 18, I attended graphic design school in Valletta whilst working and loved every minute of it. Then life took over and I lived in the UK, and used to do watercolours whenever I could and pass on to friends.  Following the passage of time, I have studied under several of the major contemporary artists both locally and abroad, developing my style and processes over these years.

Now, when asked what type of painting I do, I often go blank as I find this question really difficult to answer. Closest answer to this is that I plan my work, research it, process the work I have collated on the subject, write and then paint.  Therefore my paintings are textured oil paintings, in an impressionistic symbolic style. They also have underlying meaning closely associated to the text I would have written.

Since then I have had several collective exhibitions culminating in my first solo in May 2019 – Hidden which was a resounding success. This was then followed by an exhibition in London entitled Momentum, I used several perspectives of a singular instance to create a visual image of the moment. I have done this through a layering technique which highlights a personal narrative I created on my grandmother.  This will be followed by another solo exhibition in Malta entitled Melh.

Mixa paintings may be found in many private collections located in Malta, Germany, United Kingdom, America and the Caribbean Islands.

What they say about Mixa:

You are a talented painter, well done and keep going. Guy Noble, Central St Martins. London.

Great artist, inspiring , calm, and mysterious all in one. I particularly like her paintings of alleys and streets. John Portelli, University of Ontario. Canada.